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Experts Reveal: Growing Up in the 1960's Was Fun

If you grew up during the 1960ís you might be interested in knowing that a new Harvard University study has proven that you had a lot of fun. Professor Charles Dexter Ward, Chairman of the Anthropology Department at Harvard conducted the study last Tuesday. He concluded that in general, the 1960ís were a time of discovery and innovation, free of the repression and straitlaced morality of the preceding decades.

Wicked Scholar Cliff Danger grew up during the 1960ís and concurs with the new study. ďHey thats right, I did have a lot of fun during the 1960ís even though I did split my head open when I fell off my skateboard. Oh yeah, I also fell down the stairs at the Memorial Arena a couple of times."

Wicked Scholar Editor Eric Wolf recently spoke in depth with Cliff Danger about what growing up during the 60's was really like.

WS: Tell me Cliff, what is your fondest memory of the 1960ís?
CD: Well, I thought the Vietnam War was pretty cool.
WS: What about the manned moon landing in 1969, you must have thought that was pretty exciting.
CD: Moon landing? Thatís pretty funny Eric.
WS: What about drugs Cliff, did you use them during the 1960ís?
CD: I donít think very many 7 year olds were too involved in the drug movement during the 60ís Eric.
WS: I guess there isnít much point in asking you about sex then is there.
CD: Not really.
WS What about Star Trek? Did you watch the show and if you did, what influence did it have on your life?
CD: Oh yeah, I loved Star Trek. I especially liked that big robot with the clear head. I remember one episode where it was outside the spaceship and was knocking on the door. As far as influencing my life, I guess it inspired me to go off to India to study thuggi cults.
WS: Ummm. Well, jeez, thanks a lot for the interview Cliff.
CD: My pleasure Eric.

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