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George Bush Renames Whitehouse "Fortress of Solitude"

White house officials were perplexed and embarrassed this week when President George Bush announced that from now on, the White House would be known as the “Fortress of Solitude.” According to sources, Bush, who is an avid reader of super hero comics, tends to look at the world as “one big ole issue of Superman.” Hence his use of overly dramatic and childish terms like “Axis of Evil” to describe countries he doesn’t like.

Secretary of State Colin Powell, when asked for his comment said “I think it’s a damn good idea. Everyone knows that all those guys over there read lots of comic books. If they think we have the Fortress of Solitude they’ll sure think twice before they’ll mess with us!”

In retaliation, Saddam Hussein has officially changed the name of Iraq to Krypton.

On a light hearted note, moments after the press conference ended, President Bush had to be rushed to hospital to have the end of his penis re-attached after it was bitten off by a wild turkey that had flown onto the podium.

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