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Was H.P. Lovecraft Abducted by Aliens?

Today, American author H.P. Lovecraft is rightfully recognized as one of the greatest ever writers of tales of horror and the macabre. His Cthulu mythos stories have spawned movies, role playing and video games, and have inspired countless other writers to craft their own spine tingling tales of terror over the seven decades since Lovecraft’s death in 1937.

One of Lovecraft’s more obscure stories has recently begun to garner a great deal of attention in light of the discovery of previously unknown letters written by Lovecraft to his good friend Clark Ashton Smith during the 1930s. “Aliens Stuck Something Up My Ass” was written in 1934 and was published in the Spring 1935 issue of Really Weird Tales. The story was a complete departure from anything Lovecraft had written to that point or his later fiction, and it was quickly forgotten by the public and literary community. Admittedly not one of Lovecraft’s greatest stories, it has not been republished since in any form, so many fans of Lovecraft, and even some Lovecraft scholars, were not even aware that it existed.

In the story, the protagonist, Charles Dexter Ward, is abducted by aliens who take him aboard their spacecraft and stick things up his ass. What is truly remarkable about the story is it is the very first known literary reference to alien abductions and the use of the anal probe, a common theme in modern abduction accounts.

Were it not for the recent discovery of a letter to Clark Ashton Smith that was part of a collection put up for sale at Christies’ Spring 2008 Literature Auction, the fact that Lovecraft wrote the first description of alien abductions might never have been discovered. On May 27, 1934, Lovecraft wrote to Smith that “last night a flying disc landed in my backyard. It was silver and about the size of a city bus. It emanated a sound like the ululation of a thousand tortured souls. A hatch like a porthole opened up and these little figures with misshapened heads crawled out and carefully approached me. They were about 4 feet tall, with almond shaped, luminous eyes the color of coal. I felt strangely calm and unafraid. They escorted me aboard their strange contrivance and disrobed me. Then, they stuck a big silver thing right up my poop chute. Man, did it ever hurt. At that point, I gratefully fell into unconsciousness, and was blissfully unaware of any other indignities inflicted upon me. When I later regained consciousness, lying in my backyard, the strange ship and it’s inhabitants were gone. The only evidence of my unusual encounter was a very sore anus and feces leaking from my bum. It was several days before my fecal incontinence ended.”

It is clear from this letter that Lovecraft most likely experienced an abduction by aliens and that at least one of his stories was inspired by the experience. Although some abduction researchers have long claimed that documented abductions pre-date the Boas (1957) and Hill (1961) cases, the Lovecraft letter is the earliest credible written account of an abduction by aliens.

We asked Dr. Laban Schrewsbury, debunker of alien abduction research and personal friend of Lovecraft for his thoughts on Lovecraft’s letter to Smith. After a long, thoughtful pause, he said “Howard was a highly intelligent man, not prone to stupid flights of fancy. I do remember though that at about the time he wrote that letter, we were smoking a lot of pot and eating a lot of shrooms. It could very well be that he was hallucinating while under the influence of narcotics. We’ll never know for sure what he experienced – whether he was simply hallucinating, or he experienced something deeply profound and conscience altering. Studies have shown that only very stupid people, or the mentally ill believe in alien abductions. Perhaps Lovecraft was stark raving mad in his later years, the loathsome, oozing, malevolent beings that stalked the labyrinthian corridors of his fertile imagination and made it possible for him to write his horrific tales with such vividity, having taken control of his tortured mind . . .”

H.P. Lovecraft, a true American literary pioneer, and now a very important figure in alien abduction research.

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