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Wicked Scholars Meet Porn Star

Saturday, May 24 was a day that will live forever in the annals of the Wicked Scholarís Society. William Weatherton and Cliff Danger were on hand when up and coming porn actress Anna Romeo made a personal appearance at one of Spuzzum's most popular adult video outlets. Miss Romeo is one of the stars of an absolutely fabulous new movie (sorry, I forgot the name) and is on a North American tour to promote the new flick. No expense was spared by the video store hosting the gala event. Attendees were treated to a buffet of donuts, cold pizza, and coffee.

Danger and Weatherton are no strangers to the world of pornography. While conducting research for his doctoral dissertation on thuggi cults in India, Danger lived for 2 years in a brothel in Calcutta. Weatherton has the largest private collection of pornographic materials known to exist in the world.

When Danger and Weatherton arrived at the video store a meek and pathetic group of about 20 pimply faced youths were awaiting Miss Romeoís arrival in cowed silence, staring at their feet or hands. At precisely 7:00 P.M. the doors to the backroom of the video store were thrown open and Miss Romeo made her grand entrance.

Anna was resplendent in a white, mesh body suit that almost covered her breasts and labia. On her feet and legs she wore platform boots which reached mid thigh. Cliff Danger, upon seeing her, reports that he threw up. ďI had been inbibing rather too heavily in strong spirits all afternoon and I donít think I had completely recovered from my near death experience at the last meeting of the Wicked Scholarís Society. Fortunately, one of the sad, pathetic excuses for men standing next to me was wearing a baseball hat. Snatching it from his head, I regurgitated into it and placed it back onto his head before anyone realized what had happened.Ē

Not being a shy or inhibited girl, Anna removed her body stocking but left on her platform boots. The sight of her naked body caused several of the more pathetic members of the audience to prematurely ejaculate. She encouraged the members of the audience to come forward and have their photograph taken with her. There was a great deal of shuffling of feet as the spineless worms tried to work up their nerve. Fortunately, the Wicked Scholarís Society was well represented at the gathering. Just as Miss Romeoís discomfiture at the lack of enthusiasm was becoming apparent (after all, she was standing there in front of a group of guys, buck ass naked, and all they could do is shuffle their feet, staring at the floor) our intrepid adventurers stepped forward and took control of the situation.

Miss Romeo, a raven haired beauty almost six feet tall, was obviously quite taken with Cliff Danger. She invited him to sit in a chair and when he did, she leapt into his lap and began to grind her buttocks into his groin. As she did so, Danger began to caress her breasts in the way he had learned while living at the brothel in India. After she achieved orgasm the first time, Miss Romeo performed a type of hand stand in Dangerís lap. While she did this, Danger began to stimulate her with his tongue, again in the way he had been taught by the prostitutes of Sarnath. Miss Romeo came again, and spent, slumped exhausted in Dangerís lap.

Unfortumately the intensity of the orgasms was such that Miss Romeo came very close to dying. Fortunately, William Weatherton was able to revive her with a hearty shot of brandy from his hip flask. In gratitude, Miss Romeo rewarded her heroes with autographed photographs of herself and a copy of the video she was promoting.

As a fitting end to the evening, Danger and Weatherton went to Pheasant and Quail where they were met by Eric Wolf. The food was frankly the shits but the photographs were memorable. In the end, we all agreed that naked women are really nice, especially when they are about 22 years old, tall, have beautiful breasts, and buttocks like a firm, ripe peach.

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