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The Wicked Scholar

A Special Message From the Editor

Greetings and Felicitations!
Welcome to the Wicked Scholar on the World Wide Web. If you are a return visitor you will notice that the appearance of the Wicked Scholar has changed. I recently lost my job and now have the time to play with the site a bit more, add new content etc.

For those of you who are first time visitors, a bit of history. The Wicked Scholar has existed in print form on and off since 1997. It was widely read by dozens of people and achieved some notoriety if not critical acclaim before I ran out of the time and energy to keep it going. Fortunately for you, the potential of the internet to bring the publication to a world wide audience has inspired me to resurrect the Wicked Scholar as a web site.

The Wicked Scholars are a loose knit group of like-minded individuals who think they are better than just about everyone else. The Scholars take perverse pleasure in the stupidity of others and are quite vocal in their disdain for religious fanatics, UFO abductees, and anyone who liked "Moulin Rouge."

As you have probably realized by now, the Scholars are fans of H.P. Lovecraft. In fact, some of the members of this society are world renowned experts on Lovecraft's life and writings. They expend considerable amounts of time, energy, and money searching the world for rare and collectible pieces of Lovecraft arcana.

The Scholars are also great fans of science fiction and for the most part are rabid fans of Classic Star Trek. When not watching Star Trek or looking at dirty pictures, the Scholars can be found sitting around, smoking fine cigars and drinking good port, discussing their favourite Star Trek episode and the Borg chick's tits, and ridiculing Voyager.

Hopefully, the Wicked Scholar will make you laugh. I am certain that some people will take offence to some of the things they will find on this site. We don't really give a shit. We are not here to please everyone, but to have fun. If you like what you see here, let us know. If you don't, e-mail us anyway. We'd love to make fun of you.

The Wicked Scholar is always looking for submissions. If you have a story idea, e-mail it to us. We won't pay you anything for it, but you will be able to tell everyone that you are a published author. We are also more than happy to post advertisements on this web site. Contact us for more information on advertising rates. Better yet, just send us cash and we will handle everything.

Eric Wolf
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